Cedarwood‚ Cypress‚ Juniperberry & Patchouli

Cedarwood‚ Cypress‚ Juniperberry & Patchouli


Soy Candle - Large


Woody, Spicey and Fresh! Picture Peaceful isolation in a richly dense forest... awaken the senses to nature!

A beautiful blend that has a balancing‚ calming and soothing effect on the nerves‚ can be used for the treatment of addictions‚ hangovers‚ and over-indulgence of food. May assist with depression and anxiety‚ generally bolstering the spirit in challenging situations. Useful in vapour therapy for all breathing difficulties‚ such as asthma‚ emphysema‚ whooping cough and bronchitis.

Large French Apothecary Candle Jar‚ approx 72 hours burning time.