Candle Tips

Candles need to form a complete melt pool across the top of the candle before extinguishing to ensure your candle does not tunnel, this may take 2 -3 hours!

Keep your wick trimmed to 6mm, and out of drafts. It is best to trim your wick after the candle has solidified to prevent cut offs landing in your wax.

Cotton wicks naturally form a little mushroom after lengthy burning, trim these as explained above. A wick too long will cause some smoking, and a wick too short will prevent the candle burning evenly.

The best way to extinguish your candle is to replace the lid or to gently dunk the wick into the melt pool, then readjust upwards again. This will eliminate any extinguish smoke, while prepping your wick for the next burn.

If your candle seems to be burning unevenly, simply adjust the wick to side requiring more heat.

Slight imperfections will occur from time to time with hand crafted products, this will in no way effect the way your candle burns.

Ensure safety while enjoying your candle, follow warning instructions at base of candle. Always supervise children and pets when you have a candle burning.

If you happen to spill the wax, don't worry, it is biodegradable and will wash out with warm soapy water.