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Spa Exfoliating Shea Soap
Spa Exfoliating Shea Soap

Spa Exfoliating Shea Soap$7.00


Spa Exfoliating Shea Soap

Exfoliate and Rejuvinate dull skin while moisturising and protecting your greatest asset. Packed with Superfine Pumice Stone for an exfoliation suitable for both the face and body. Lightly scented with an Essential Oil blend that is high in Vitamin C to help boost the skins regenerative abilities.


Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Copha, Lye, Caster Oil, Pumice Stone, Lemongrass and Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils, light sprinkling of Chamomile flowers.

Aromatherapy offers genuine relief and improved health, it is not a substifute for medical treatment. When in doubt, consult your General Practitioner.

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